Ny single fra Henrik Bank


Greg Morrow: Drums
Michael Rhodes, Bass
Jimmy Nichols, Keyboards
Rob McNelley, Electric guitars
Scotty Sanders, Steel guitar
Larry Beaird, Acoustic guitar
Perry Coleman, Background vocals
Henrik Bank, Lead vocal

Time to fly

Words & Music by Henrik Bank

He was a couple of years older,
She had just turned seventeen
But there was not a single doubt,
she was as sure as she has ever been
he was the answer to her prayers,
he was the hero of her dreams
right in front the road was laid,
there was just the two of them it seemed

And until now her world was happiness,
There was always clear blue sky
And though her parents told her no,
She was ready now to fly
And finally, one day,
in her room with an empty bed
A note stuck to the window,
and this is what it said:

When you love somebody like I do
When your heart refuses to lie
When you love somebody like I do,
It is time to fly
When your mind runs low on excuses
And your hearts start asking you why
When you win much more than you lose it’s,
Time to fly

Well She was young and so in love,
And he was sitting at the wheel
The music loud and wind was cold,
But couldn’t change the way she’d feel
Cause her heart would play a love song,
About faith and how to carry on
And no matter how the wind would blow,
She knew he’d always love her

But she just forgot to ask him,
If he felt the same way too
I’m sure he would have told her yes,
But she could have seen right through
His plans were slightly different,
He was in it for the ride
The note still in the window,
And a teardrop in her eyes

But when you love somebody like I do

A week became a month,
And months would slowly turn to years
And what started out as laughter now had
Slowly been replaced by tears
She had almost forgotten,
Caus backtracking wouldn’t tell her why
But someday in her mailbox,
A tiny letter made her cry

Cause inside she found that sticky note,
She had left so long ago
She turned the note around,
And she knew just what she had to do
Her hands started shaking,
As she was walking through the door
The note stuck to the window,
And with a smile just like before

Finally I’m out of excuses
And my heart start asking me why
About to win much more that I lose – so
It is time to fly

When you love somebody like I do