Need you tonight

Words & Music by Henrik Bank
Gonna tell you a story
God I hope it aint true
I dont know if you care
All I know ’ it’s about me and you

We are stuck in a corner
I’m not sure it is the same
I don’t know how we got there
And somehow it all is in vain

Baby I love you
Tell you – I need you tonight

I’ll be there when you’re lonely
I’ll be there all the time
I would travel the world
Just to be by your side
I would give you my heart
I will do what it takes to make things right
Tell me how can it be I’m alone
When I need you tonight
Well baby – I am the one
Who need you tonight

Waiting alone in the morning
Waiting with you by my Side
There’s a thorn in between
And somehow we can’t make it right
Should have an Oscar now for this performance
We’ll be the actors waiting for the price
And if this story aint over –
we’ll play it over tonight
I’ll be there when you’re lonely…

I would give a thousand kisses
If thats the price to mend your heart
I don’t know what it is
But I miss you when we’re a part

I’ll be there when you’re lonely



Steve Brewster, Drums
Eli Beaird, Bass
Troy Lancaster, Electric guitars
Scotty Sanders, Steel guitar
Larry Beaird, Acoustic guitar
Jimmy Nichols, Keyboards
Russell Terrell, Background vocals
Henrik Bank, Lead vocal