Live for today

Words & Music by Henrik Bank
You’ve stopped believing
No hope for you now
No point in achieving
Just manage through the day somehow
But open your curtains
Cause the sun doesn’t seem to agree
There’s a chance
just open your heart and you’ll see

Live for today – just open the door
Yesterdays news don’t apply anymore
Wipe out the fear that’s growing inside
Bring your best smile there’s no need to hide
When you’re lonely
just look up there’s more than you see
Take a chance to break free
This is when – your heart opens and life will begin

The scars you’ve been facing
the gravity that keeps you there
and all you’re embracing
is longing for the pasting years

But look outside your window
And reach for the goals you can see
and forget – ‘bout history

Live for today…

It’s you to determine
You have got just this one single chance
Lose yourself – or fight the fear and get up and dance



Steve Brewster, Drums
Eli Beaird, Bass
Troy Lancaster, Electric guitars
Larry Beaird, Acoustic guitar
Jimmy Nichols, Keyboards
Angela Primm, Background vocals
Samson Um-Hum White, Background vocals
Henrik Bank, Lead vocal