I still believe in love

Words & Music by Henrik Bank

I wanna get closer
Just like the strap on your shoulder
So tight, that everyone knows ‘bout
You and I

Baby, going all in -
Touching wherever you’re missing
Falling in love getting dizzy
All night

Let’s go where we want to go
Don’t need directions I know

Let’s get closer
Dance until the night is over
Kissing and reach the stars, cause
I still believe in love

Let’s get crazy
Care less, and even lazy
Love me a little maybe
Cause - I still believe in love – love

Knew it for the first time
You simply had to be just mine
Nothing else could make me fly higher
than you and I

After the first kiss landed
I felt the love that you planted
I wouldn’t care if we were stranded
You and I

Cause when you’re holding me tight
My heart starts beating so right

Lets get closer...

Your soft and gentle kiss
That’s how it all began
No one is as blessed as I am…
Still once more…

Lets get closer...


Greg Morrow: Drums
Michael Rhodes, Bass
Jimmy Nichols, Keyboards
Rob McNelley, Electric guitars
Scotty Sanders, Steel guitar
Larry Beaird, Acoustic guitar
Perry Coleman, Background vocals
Henrik Bank, Lead vocal